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One thing in this sites prior life I found that it could be a bit overwhelming doing it all alone. I’m looking for someone that loves Jets football and wants to share their enthusiasm about the team. However I don’t want a typical homer, in which the team does no wrong or a debbie downer where the team always does wrong. I want some passionate about the team, knows football and the entire league, even college football, but can step back and look at the big picture. You can email me at

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Back in Action

Because of many reasons I had to abandon this site, but I am back and ready to give my insight, keep you up to date on all the news and just talk New York Jets Football.  I am a season ticketholder and will probably giveaway tickets like I have in the past, as well as possibly giveaway some swag as well.  So in the next few days check back for opinions and posts.

Sanchez still the Starter…That Blows

Pardon my language, but I knew Rex didnt have the balls to make the QB change, its like Mark Sanchez has some dirty secret about Rex and he holds it over his head.  I think more importantly if Sanchez has another bad showing and Rex has to pull him then there is absolutely no way they can then go back to him…This is truly a circus and they have set the franchise back several years with their commitment to Mark Sanchez.  Well heres the article from ESPN about the decision to stick with Sanchez:

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Jets Bench Sanchez, McElroy Gets the Win

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The New York Jets needed someone to save the game, and possibly their season.

Tim Tebow was unavailable, so Rex Ryan turned to third-stringer Greg McElroy, who stepped in for a struggling Mark Sanchez and energized the Jets and their fans.
McElroy threw a touchdown pass to cap his first NFL drive early in the fourth quarter, leading New York to an ugly 7-6 victory Sunday and sending the Arizona Cardinals to their eighth straight loss.
McElroy Sparks Jets
Greg McElroy drove the Jets to their only points and nearly matched Mark Sanchez’s yardage effort in less than half the drives during Sunday’s comeback victory.

Jets offense by QB, Sunday
Category Sanchez McElroy
Points 0 7
Drives 10 4
Yards 164 152 <<
Yds per play 3.5 5.6 << Punt pct. 50% 25% >> Excluding 2 kneel-downs

– ESPN Stats & Information

“It’s just something that I sensed, that I felt,” Ryan said. “When you’re around this game long enough, you get that feeling that, `You know what? I’ve seen enough, and it’s time to make that change.”
With Tebow inactive as he heals from two broken ribs and the Jets needing to win their last five games to even have a chance of making the playoffs, Ryan pulled Sanchez for McElroy late in the third quarter — as the crowd at MetLife Stadium cheered wildly.

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Hey Bart F U!

I wanted to personally address something that is somewhat bothering me.  I live in South JerseyI drive an hour and a half to the games Sundays.  This Thursday was the first home game I had missed in almost 5 years.  My Stepdad(he always goes with me) was hurt(his knee was messed up he could hardly walk) I had something I had to do and it was Thanksgiving, add the fact that I knew they were going to get blown out and I said its just not worth it.  I even travel this year I went to Miami and Pittsburgh…I’m about as Die Hard as you get.  I have 4 season tickets, 2 that I have to pay a PSL for and 2 that I have in the 300 level, mainly for friends or I give them away on this site.  So I am “Invested” in this team.  I’m 34 years old and been a fan since I can remember even though I live in Eagles Country down here.  These two teams are kind of in the same place.

Except the Jets are better off I believe.  What is irking me is the Bart Scott comments and/or the lack or respect for the fans.  People ask me why do you care, I always answer I am not only a fan but because of the thousand of dollars I spend I am financially invested in the team.  Guess what it gives me the right to bitch.  Bart Scott has been less than stellar, in fact I would say he didn’t nearly live up to the free agent billing he was given just a few years ago.  What gives him the right to complain?  Listen Bart if you don’t want to hear complaints, obscenities, or whatever then give back your 8 million dollar a year contract and quit.  Look attacking ones family and things like that are off limits but telling him he sucks is fine by me.  Its part of the reason you get paid millions dollars as a athlete because people are paying thousands of dollars to show up to watch you.  

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Injury Report

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow (ribs) was limited in practice on Wednesday. It’s still up in the air if he will be active against Arizona.

For Arizona, quarterback Kevin Kolb (ribs) was also limited. Kolb was limited last week and was questionable for last week’s loss to St. Louis. He ultimately did not play in that game and indications are that he will sit again, leaving the Jets to face rookie Ryan Lindley instead.
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