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Idzik will need to Stray from his plan….

So I know that things have been written ad nauseam about our now what I would consider dire corner situation, but I need to address it.  Once Milliner comes back we will be looking at a lot better situation, but reality is, he is injury prone as well.  In fact he isn’t even a proven commodity yet. I think he is a top talent and will develop into one of the better corners in the league, however he isn’t there yet.  We have a safety converted to a Corner, who for what its worth was playing decent, but he is now concussed and although barring anything crazy should be ready for the start of the season he is by no means can be counted on yet as a steady presence at the corner position, I believe he has the skill set to be a corner in a Rex defense but their will be growing pains.  So that leaves us with Kyle Wilson(slot), some may knock him but as slot corners go, he isnt that bad we could be a lot worse off, trust me instead of like most and complaining look around the league there are some really bad slot corners out there.  Walls, Lankster and then after that we have a combo of rookies and journeymen.  This is not how your roster to look as we open the regular season.  At this point you need to plan that Milliner/Allen/Walls/Lankster will miss a game here and there during the season. 

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Last Night: What I saw…

Here are somethings I saw last night worth noting:

  1. Geno Smith looks good.  I know defenses are vanilla but last year he looked lost, this year he looks like he gets it.  I’m not looking for Andrew Luck here but if he progresses and plays like the guy that played the last 4 games of last year and this preseason the outlook is good and we have found a franchise QB.  Dumb mistakes are what have plagued us since Sanchez arrived and Geno seem to continue the trend till the light switched on those last 4 games.  Without those stupid mistakes we should be able to be in some more games we weren’t in before.
  2. All systems go for that running game, we have 3 solid RB’s with what I consider 2 studs.  I have always liked Ivory when healthy, he is a poor man’s Marshawn Lynch, if he stayed healthy he would be as good.  Johnson even if he has lost step is still a cut away from a TD everytime he touches the ball, and Powell is steady great all around guy.
  3. O-Line looked good and were opening up things for the running game and doing a decent job of giving Geno time to make throws.
  4. WR/TE Stephen Hill has officially lost me, he just seems like a guy that will never get it, maybe a cut and change of scenery would help him.  Would like to see starters look like this: Nelson, Kerley and Decker.  I want to see Salas make this team because he is solid, unspectactular but solid.   Ford will make the team because he is a returner…that is the only reason.  Jace Amaro looks good, catching everything thrown his way…I don’t expect a ton this year but next year he could be a TD machine. 
  5. DLine is the Dline and Linebackers look good…nice to see Coples playing well…Rex seems to know how to push the right buttons(except w/ qb’s in the past) with guys like him i.e. giving Babin all those snaps last game. 
  6. Corners we need help…Allen has a concussion as reported and the depth at this point is dwindling…We need to sign a Vet and maybe a guy that gets cut in the next 2 weeks…but we need to get a Vet in here just at the very least to add some stability to these young guys, plus he needs to at least have some practice with this defense. 


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Game Recap is on its way….

What I’m Looking For Tonight…

Heres a few things I’m looking for in tonights Preseason Matchup.
Let me know what you’re looking for….


QB Play

Mainly Geno Smith of course, he has had a quiet Preseason and honestly I think that’s a good thing, I think if we were talking about him it would be because he was turning the ball over, but he has been steady and unspectactular but thats ok.  I just want to see him with all the weapons at his disposal at least lead a decent TD drive.  I would be satisfied with that.


Honestly as long as everyone comes out injury free I will be happy, these guys at this point are proven commodities.


I want to see a reduction in Penalties, I’m all for trying to be superior physically then the other team however chippy penalties are not the way to go.  I do want to see them open up solid running lanes and protect Geno.  But I think with the exception of Winters we have an idea of what we are getting from these guys, I want to see consistency out of him.


I would like to see some of the guys really shine and solidfy their spots on the roster.  I would love to see Stephen Hill succeed in the NFL but I just feel everyone keeps talking about how this is a leap year for WR’s but that doesn’t mean he will make the leap.  I would rather a solid yet steady WR make the team over some guy we hope makes the leap.  I like Nelson starting opposite Decker with Kerley in the slot.  Nelson is a big, solid sure-handed guy that seem to become a safety valve for Geno last year.  I also really like Salas as a steady guy off the bench.  Jacoby Ford will make the team because he is returner and honestly I have no time for Clyde Gates he is one of those egnimas that shows up for preseason and possibly a catch or two but he isn’t quality NFL player.  He doesnt even impress me in the return game. 

I hope to see more of what we saw out of Jace Amaro in the last preseason game, someone that is progressing, we knew this wasn’t an overnight thing but when you see a guy progressing then you know hes the type of guy that may start surprising you mid-late season and be an added bonus if you are in the thick of things.

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Observations and Thoughts

Before we gear up for the 3rd Preseason game and ever so important Snoopy Bowl I wanted to just kind of give my thoughts on all that has transpired as Training Camp comes to an end.

QB Competition

I want to preface this by saying I am from South Jersey and live in the middle of Eagles Country and have a fairly decent knowledge of Morhinweg and Vick while they were there…I listen to Philly sports talk as I won’t as I follow the Phils, Sixers, and Big 5 Basketball(Stepdad played at LaSalle)…Don’t hold this against me as I have been a Jets season ticketholder for 16 years and a fan since I was 10.  

I bring this point up because I know what Vick is capable of and so does Morhinweg and truly the whole NFL, if Vick was truly what some people make him out to be there would have been a lot more interest in him as a starting option even if was a stop gap starter.  Mike Vick is what he is a guy that makes some spectactular plays but then makes bonehead mistakes(he tries to force throws and make to many plays).  The Jets know this, they also know he is about the best backup you could possibly have, someone that could easily come in and win some games, mentor a young QB, and push that same young QB as a threat.  But when push comes to shove the upside of a 2nd year QB that flashed some talent is greater than a 34yo QB that has played his best football in the past.  This year is the breaking point if Geno shows marked improvement than you invest in another WR next year, and hedge your future on him.  If not you draft a QB and let Vick finish this season, if he plays well you sign him to a one year contract let him groom a guy behind him.

I say this because this is why the competition was never a competition and I am so frustrated with the media asking the question: Who’s the starter? It has been answered give it up…The beat writers are the worst with these questions.

Cornerback Situation

This one perplexes me a bit, I get that we didnt want to spend money on a guy like Rodgers-Cromartie because their is a reason teams only hang onto him for a year or two.  Even some of the other guys I get, but I think we should have moved a few mid round picks and moved say back into the third round and grabbed a “3rd round talent” instead of hedging our bets on what most deemed a reach in Dexter McDougle.  Maybe grab him and another corner in that round then at least you have some more quality as far as talent in depth at corner.  McDougle looked good but he is hurt again.  I look at Idzik and it seems he is hedging towards injury prone guys and hoping they stay healthy, which is a good way to go in free agency(for the right price) but not sure if its the best route in the draft.

We have “depth” but the quality of depth may not be there.  I hope that I am proven wrong.  I like the upside of some of these guys and hopefully Milliner can play a little in the opener and be in game shape for that Murders Row of Qb’s

I also like the move of Antonio Allen to the CB position, even if its for specific matchups, big guys like him are hard to come by and unlike someone like Brandon Browner he hasn’t been linked to PED’s as a way to play at a higher level.  He is the kind of guy that matchup wise this year he could play corner and if he performs well maybe next year he is our other corner.   We may have to find a second Safety then, but possibly we look for a true coverage safety and that would allow Pryor to play a more natural box/enforcer role.  A guy like Pryor that has the ability to do it all would be best served to freelance a bit, if we have a guy as a second safety that is not a liability in coverage it would only make our defense much more dangerous.

I will say all in all my worries about corner aren’t dire at all, I believe Rex will scheme to protect that weakness with our line and if Rex can scheme right if we can have guys that cover well for a short bit we should be ok.



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